Bike Powered Dance Party


What’s all this?

The Toronto Bicycle Music Festival is a yearly series of free outdoor pedal-powered concerts taking place in and between our city's great community parks and streets. This year on Sunday September 9th we'll be making music and travelling in and between Trinity Bellwoods and Flemingdon Park.

A series?

Yes. We have two geographically-distinct concerts that are strung together by a group ride lead by our pals at Cycle Toronto. The venue-bridging journey is safe, fun, and accompanied by a musician playing from a bike-trailer stage! We are also doing our Sunset Series of lead up concerts on Thursday evenings. Here are the (tentative) dates:
  • Thursday, July 19: Wincott Park
  • Thursday, August 2: Parma Park
  • Thursday, August 16: Memorial Park
  • Thursday, August 30: Bell Manor

Do I need tickets?

No! But if you are planning on joining us for the ride, please RSVP.

Who’s putting it on?

The Tune Your Ride Collective has organized the annual Toronto Bicycle Music Festival since 2010. Since 2014, it has been presented in partnership with Cycle Toronto.

Who has played?

Since 2010, TBMF has been proud to present:
Jason Collett and Zeus - Lido Pimienta - Nhapitapi - Annaelle Chvostek - YUKA vs Heavweights Brass Band - Tanika Charles - Bry Webb and the Providers - Maylee Todd – The Strumbellas – Wilderness of Manitoba - Snowblink – Gentleman Reg - Charlotte Cornfield – Lemon Bucket Orchestra – Willow Rutherford - Les Petits Nouveaux - Rae Spoon – Great James – Garbageface – Cycling Oriented Puppet Squad – The Complete Street Band – Jeremy Fisher – Lenni Jabour – Abigail Lapell – Amelie & Les Singes Bleus – Evalyn Parry – Tomboyfriend – Ozere - Communism - Griffin – Richard Laviolette – Kit Wilson-Yang – Kae Sun – The Rucksack Willies – QuiQue Escamilla

What should I bring?

- a bike (our venues are accessible by transit, so you can take part even if you’re not on two wheels)
- a picnic blanket
- a picnic
- warm clothes (we’ll be wrapping up before sunset, but it may get chilly later on in the day)
- money (they'll be food! and nice t-shirts that you can buy to support the festival)

I have another question

Then you should contact us at!